Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Collapsible LEMONADE Stand

My mom asked me to build 6 COLLAPSIBLE LEMONADE STANDS to give to her kids for Christmas this year.  I was excited for the challenge and am very proud of myself for figuring out how to make them...(though it took several trial and error attempts!) There were some stands online that I found that I liked, but they didn't collapse and others were cute(photographer prop/photobooths), but not functional for an actual lemonade stand.  I couldn't find any with plans on how to build them, so I had to start from scratch. I have a written tutorial, including dimensions, available for $25. Email me at craftifyit@gmail.com and get started on your own stand today!

I wanted the signs to be hand painted and not actual vinyl, so I cut a "stencil" from some orange vinyl...

and then painted with yellow paint, removed the vinyl and tada!

Oh...and the "Lemonade" sign is REVERSIBLE with a chalkboard on the backside! Now my kids can have a BAKE SALE or a TOY SALE or an indoor PUPPET SHOW...the possibilities are endless!
 It was used as an  icecream bar at a recent reception...

the sign just hangs on hooks, the poles slide out and the base collapses...
so it can be stored easily in a garage or even tucked away under a bed!

My cute boys, selling lemonade with their new stand...

*** I will email you basic lemonade stand plans, including dimensions and a tutorial  for FREE as a THANK you for following along! 
 Email me today at craftifyit@gmail.com for plans

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Open floor plan

I have been itching to bust out the upper cabinets in our kitchen since we moved in 6 years ago! We finally did it! And removed the small counter and pole and upper soffit. It feels soooo much more open now!  Still a work in progress, but here are a few pics!


We have decided to save money and do the painting ourselves! Our kids have been eager to help...which isn't always a good thing, but I must say my 6 year old has a knack for this and was very particular and did a great job! Now...if only we can find a gray that doesn't look PURPLE!?! We already painted the majority of the rooms, when we decided it was too purple :( Back to the drawing board.

Kitchen Remodel

This water heater used to be shoved in the corner of our already small laundry room and we decided to move it and the fridge to the Garage and its freed up soo much space! We haven't painted over the drywall patches from plumbing but you can see we already had the perfect spot for it in our garage!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


This is for my CRAFTY ARIZONA FRIENDS!!! Have you heard of the Pogo Pass? 
It is really INCREDIBLE...that is all there is to it! Over $1000 in value of FREE ADMISSIONS to several venues all over the Phoenix Valley!  Check out all of their venues HERE

The Pogo Pass includes Free admissions to:

It is CRAZY that they really let you get in FREE to all of these places...good for an entire year from date of purchase! Normally $100...use promo code: AZPASS or click HERE for an automatic 60% discount on your Pogo passes - Less than $40 for a year of FREE FUN!

You will love it! Our kids suddenly think we are rich, because we always get to PLAY TOGETHER! :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Have you seen this deal yet? Holy Smokes! Over $1500 in value on every pass and you can get it for under $40 right now with the promo code: SUMMERFUN (good through October 2014)
BUY NOW or find out more HERE

THEY JUST ANNOUNCED the addition of Castles N Coasters!!! You get a Free Silver Pass ($29.99 value) during the year, which includes UNLIMITED RIDES & GOOFY GOLFING!!!  This is going to be the perfect venue for my kids during Fall Break this year! I can't wait to take them, we would never be able to afford it, without the Pogo Pass! 

 And besides free admission to Castles N Coasters...you still get FREE ADMISSION TO THESES 15 VENUES, good for a whole year! So awesome!
*Sea Life Aquarium is only good through Sept. 2014

You get to go to all 16 venues in the Phoenix Valley for FREE...multiple times! 
Sunsplash alone almost pays for the entire pass! Add Sunsplash to Castles N Coasters and it would normally be $60!!!  You can get your Pogo pass right now for $39.98. It's a crazy good deal, my family is loving them. We use them for date nights and outings with the kids and have saved so much money! Don't waste any time! Go to pogopass.com and get yours today and start having fun and saving money today.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Stencil Winner

My son helped me draw a name at random the old fashioned way!!:) He cut them all up and drew the winner...
Shana Wilson!!!

Email me at craftifyit@gmail.com to claim your prize!! I can't wait to see what you stencil!:)

Monday, June 10, 2013

AZ Peeps!

**update- Sea Life Aquarium at AZ Mills, Sunsplash, Brunswick Bowling, National Comedy Theatre and Skateland have all been added to the pass!!!

Have I got a deal for you Phoenix Valley residents!!!

We all drop $100+ per month for our child's preschool or $50+ a month for a dance class or participation on a sports team, without thinking twice. Well...I have an offer that will blow your mind! And it is a YEAR of FUN that you and your family can all enjoy together!

And NOW is the perfect time to buy it, so that you can have lots of entertainment during these upcoming HOT SUMMER MONTHS!!!

What is the Pogo Pass, you ask? 

We all understand the benefits of buying a membership to the Phoenix Zoo or our favorite Youth Museum...because after paying full price for your family to go to those places a couple of times, you would be better off buying an annual membership and would save LOTS of money! And we all LOVE TO SAVE MONEY!!!

Well...the Pogo Pass is an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP to 10+ venues, so that you can pick and choose where your family will be entertained this upcoming year! With well over $500 in value, these cards retail at $99, which is a great deal! You can attend Diamondbacks games or spend the day at the AZ Museum of Natural History. If you enjoy paintballing or lasertag, you will love this pass! 

BUT...if you buy through me today, using the PROMOTIONAL CODE: SUMMERFUN when purchasing online at www.pogopass.com

You will receive your card at the INCREDIBLE DISCOUNTED PRICE of $39.99 per card!!!

You pay $40 for your kid to have a YEAR of FUN!!! 

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please email me at staci@pogopass.com

But I promise, you won't be disappointed!!! Go and buy your POGO PASS today at www.pogopass.com
and don't forget...for a 60% savings, 
type in the promotional code : SUMMERFUN

You can thank me later;)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cutting Edge Stencils GIVEAWAY

When we moved into our house, the entry way was....well...something else. The floor was pebble tec(like you put in the bottom of a pool), the wall was a blue-ish/pink-ish wallpaper and there was an ugly brick planter.

Don't believe me? Here's a pic...
We did the quickest fix...we PAINTED!

Well, first we removed wallpaper(what a pain!)

and then we painted the wall & the front door & the gold chandelier & and covered the brick planter, which I posted about here.

And then threw carpet down over the awesome pebble tec, since even the flooring guys were stumped about how to remove it. 

I have been itching to do something fun on this wall for years & I FINALLY did...thanks to cutting edge stencils!
We painted it a light gray to start and then used my Tuscan Trellis Allover stencil and white paint to put a design on the wall that pops! I still plan to put big canvases of my kids on this wall, but I love it so much more!
Its really a SIMPLE process, just TIME CONSUMING! Set aside a day or two or three(depends on how many times you have to stop to help your little ones) to just PAINT, but when you are done...you will be thrilled with the results!:)

Now it's YOUR TURN to stencil a wall or a piece of furniture in your house!!!  I will select a person at random to win a FREE STENCIL of your choice!

All you have to do is go to www.cuttingedgestencils.com and come back and comment with what stencil you would like to order if you win! 

For a 2nd entry...follow their facebook page HERE & come back, leaving a comment saying you did

AND...for a 3rd entry...follow them on Pinterest HERE & comment to let me know!

That's right...3 EASY ENTRIES & you could have your own FREE STENCIL sent to your doorstep soon!

*Winner will be chosen at random on Friday, June 14th @ 12:00pm

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post: Home interior Tips

So glad to have Eva posting on my blog today!! She blogs over at Home Interior Tips and I'm so glad to have her here with us today:) Love the tips on where we can find inspiration as we decorate our homes!



Places to Look for Home Decor Inspiration

Making a home out of your living space is supposed to be a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Yes, it certainly does require a lot of time and energy, but in the end it pays off by giving you and your family a place to enjoy and make some happy memories. It’s a very delicate question and depends on personal taste and expectations. So to do the best job possible you should have a clear vision of how you want your home to look like in the end. Where to start, how to get inspired? Let me try and help you out.
Do You Read Morning Papers?
Every morning, while you drink your coffee, you probably read newspapers. Well, why don't you try to start your day with some home decoration magazines. There are many good home decoration magazines published. House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Country Sampler, Period Living, to name a few. They are a good stepping stone for your search. You can explore different styles and fresh ideas, meet the market and find out about new brands there.
I’m More of a Blogger:
Well, me too. Just swap those printed pages with your laptop and find out about other people’s ideas. I find that it’s very creative to share your ideas with people, combine them, mix them up, see where they end up. Try even to get some comments on your ideas. It is always good to have some unbiased critics around (I can always depend on my mom telling me that my work is commendable).

I Can See it When I Can Touch it:
Many of us can’t visualize things all the way to the final product. Don't worry, it is something that you practice, like everything else. But if you are on a tight schedule, why don’t you try and visit some stores. You don’t even have to bust your legs since there are more and more online stores these days like you can check at shop4furniture.net. Pages and pages of colourful pictures, different setups of every chamber, and all done by professional staff. It is also useful to visit some actual stores. I sometimes find it very helpful to touch the materials and see how they feel. You’ll be touching them for a long time so make sure they feel right.

Mother Nature Calls:
I personally enjoy long outdoor walks. You should be amazed by how many great ideas arise from these walks. There is so much stuff out there that can be used inside your home. All you need is some imagination and just craft it. Branches, leafs, rocks can all find a way to your shelf or wall if they are placed with sense. See how Mother Nature did her bedroom and try to use some of her calming colours and vivid settings.
Are You a Peoples Person?
Even if it is mostly during weekends, my favourite pastime is spending time with my family and friends. I realized that paying attention to details at your friend’s place, rather than on a hot gossip that you are more than likely to forget by the end of the week, is an excellent way to practice your eye for details and develop some of your own as well.
Loosen Up, Have Some Fun:
In the end it is all about something that you already have inside of you. Just loosen up and try to enjoy watching for details and combining them. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, just enjoyment or headache.

Love that you ended it with HAVE SOME FUN!!! That's the most important part about decorating your home! Hope you enjoyed this guest post! Check out Eva's blog today!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All You Need Is Love

Awhile back I made some gray and white signs for my bedroom...but about a month ago, I gave them to my brother/sis-in-law for their house...so we have had an empty space on our shelf for a few weeks. Today, I dug out some cupboard doors and made some new signs for the space and decided to incorporate in some yellow this time! AND...I love them!

The pop of color makes me happy:)

Want to order some custom signs for your home?
Email me at craftifyit@gmail.com

For both signs, I cut "stencils" from vinyl using my MAKE THE CUT SOFTWARE--can be purchased on my sidebar!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quilted Table Runner

My mother-in-law is soooo incredibly thoughtful and you combine that with crazy amazing talent and I get to be the recipient of fun things like this handmade table runner, she made all of the girls for Christmas! I LOVE IT!!!


My sweet dad passed away last year and for Christmas my mom made these "I Spy Bags" for all of the grandchildren for Christmas. Each item in the bag represents something about Grandpa...so so sweet and thoughtful. My boys are very young and won't have many memories of their Grandpa, but I want them to grow up knowing a lot about what a wonderful man he was and I know they will! I am so thankful for this thoughtful Christmas gift!

Lemonade Stand

My cute kids LOVE to have lemonade stands!! It inspired my mom to want to give each family a lemonade stand for Christmas this year! Well...she asked me to make them and this is what I came up with! The design was the hardest part...my mom wanted them collapsible, but once I figured that out...I was able to get 6 made before Christmas(barely)...
Oh! The sign is also reversible with a chalkboard on the back(that my brother found at Home Depot and cut to fit-thank you!) so if the kiddos want to do a bake sale or something else...they can write anything they want on the back! I hope the kids have fun with them!

Plans for my collapsible lemonade stand can be purchased via paypal for only $25! Email me at craftifyit@gmail.com and you can be on your way to building your very own!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chevron Decor

I pinned this on Pinterest awhile back and thought it wouldn't be too difficult to make. 
Photo credit and original pin HERE
I started with a piece of wood and I probably should have done some measuring, but I just eyeballed it with my masking tape...

After taping it off, I painted it and then pulled off the tape, distressed it with a sander, cut out a hole(so you can change out picture in the frame) and glued a frame on to the wood!

Happy Birthday Aimee---hope you enjoy your Chevron decor!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Thank You Sign

I love the idea to send out a pic of the happy bride and groom with a "Thank You Sign" to thank all of your friends and family members for gifts! You have prob seen this done, whether it was a chalkboard or a picture frame! My sis-in-law brought me over a painted canvas and then using my Make-the-Cut program(available for purchase on my sidebar!) I cut out Thank You and some swirls and these are the final postcards they sent out! SO CUTE!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


  Do you hear the word Disney and immediately SMILE!?!

But then you start planning a trip and you often become overwhelmed, like I do!?

 There are SO many different options, different places to visit, places to stay. Walt Disney World is tremendous in size, where do you even start?

Well stress no more...I'm here to introduce you to Krystin Turner!

 Krystin is a Disney Travel Professional who helps families plan any Disney vacation including Disney Cruises and trips to Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Adventures by Disney!!!

Best of all, her services are 100% FREE!!!!!
You read that right...FREE!!!

As an authorized Disney Vacation Planner, Krystin can help you plan pretty much every aspect of your trip.  She will start by helping you choose the perfect resort for your family. From there, she can assist you in your dining choices and even help create an itinerary to help you make the most out of your trip.  She is also a discount checking agent meaning she ensures her clients get the best discounts, even after they book!!!  Check out her site HERE where you can find everything Disney!! One of her posts that I truly enjoyed was where she shared her ideas on how to surprise your children with a Disney trip!   You can also visit her Facebook Page where she is giving away a Disney gift card for every 200 fans she gets!!

she is very close to her next gift card giveaway, so please head over and LIKE her on facebook today! Everyone could use a Disney Gift Card!!:)

If you are wanting to plan a trip to Disney and don't know where to begin, contact Krystin via her website or on Facebook and let her start helping you plan a trip of a lifetime!!!!

 You can also email her at disneytripexpert@gmail.com or call her at 816-294-3988.

Contact her and get started today, you will be glad you did!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chair Redo {Tutorial}

Finally getting around to the tutorial on the chair makeover I did awhile ago. I picked up 2 matching dining room chairs at a Garage Sale & knew I wanted to change them up...
one for my craft room and the other for my piano(before and after pics of that one coming soon!)

Here is one of the original chairs with one that is vamped up with some color!:)
This makeover was SO SIMPLE!!! First I unscrewed the cushion from underneath...
then I used this as a template to cut a piece of fabric large enough to go around the cushion. My cushions were in great shape, so I just put my fabric right over the original and stapled it on, using a staple gun!
Then, I took my naked little chair outside for a coat of paint...
1 just used one can of spray primer...don't mind my dead weeds in the background;)
and a coat of paint in the color of my choice---actually if you remember...I sent my hubby to the store and this is what he came home with and I LOVE IT!
screwed the "new" cushion back on and it was done!

a new chair...
for my CRAFTIFYING space...