Wednesday, February 1, 2012

String Art

Have you seen this string art floating around pinterest??
My friend is redoing her master bedroom and we were trying to come up with something cute for above her bed.  She showed me this picture and I got to work! You can go to Que Linda for her tutorial, because I just followed that and she explains everything great!  I ran to Lowe's and found this wood with grooves so they fit together and thought that I would like the look and it might help hold everything together...I poured wood glue in the grooves and stuck them together and gave the a LIGHT COAT of white paint...

the only difference from her tutorial, I "free handed" the word, because I didn't feel like busting out my Cricut. You can tell I obviously just chicken scratched until I liked it:)

Then I cut it out, trying to keep the thickness the same for all of the letters. Then I started nailing and when I was done, I pulled the paper off and was left with a bunch of nails!
(my little helper's hands finishing his cereal in the background;)
I went to the store to buy yarn and then opted for crochet thread, since it was thinner. I'm glad I did, because I like the end result better. 

I secured the back by nailing 2 vertical boards  onto my original 4 planks of wood and hung a wire across the back...

It wasn't too hard and I'm excited to see it hanging above Mandy's bed!
If you try it, let me know! I'd love to post it on my blog!


Janny said...

I'm glad to see you used my sign for inspiration! Wow! That's the biggest complement a crafter can ever get! Thanks! I love how your sign turned out. The white paneled background gives it a lot of depth.

W said...