Monday, July 27, 2009

Framed Sports Jersey

When we got married, my husband had a TON of Phoenix Suns Stuff. When I say a TON...I mean a TON...and then SOME!!!

Since we got married...he has accumulated even MORE Phoenix Suns stuff! Oh Boy.

If it were up to him, he'd probably thumb tack posters all over the wall in a room & love it, but for the 1st few years of our marriage, everything stayed in storage...because I didn't know how I felt about Purple and Orange attacking my house.

Over the years I became more comfortable with the idea...IF we replaced thumb tacks with SOME sort of class.

We were browsing through a sports store when we came up with the idea to display some of his prized possessions in a classy frame. Lucky for us, we know a Custom Framer that does AMAZING work & had his Nash Jersey framed up, with some of his favorite Nash pics.
We turned Parker's room into a SPORTS ROOM(so we would have a place...other than storage...for the plethora of SUNS stuff & I think this looks GREAT hanging in his room!

GO Purple & Orange!!!

Now, if you could just win a Championship...

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