Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Polka Dots

I have a million of the really soft, super WARM blankets laying around my house, but very few LIGHTWEIGHT blankets. And in this AZ heat...those super warm, super soft ones, are just TOO HOT! I went to JoAnns & found this cute polka-dot fabric & found a cute yellow for the back...I was proud of my choices, but when I showed the material to my hubby...he informed me that I had chosen "girl" fabric. Oh well...I still think my son looks so cute in Polka Dots:)

Are Polka Dots really only for Girls???

Want to make your own blanket?
1.Choose 2 fabrics
2.WASH & dry both fabrics
3.Iron fabrics so you have nice, non-wrinkly fabric to work with
4.Cut 2 pieces the same size(however big you want!)
5.Put right side of fabrics facing eachother & pin together
6.Sew with a straight stitch, around 3 3/4 sides of fabric, leaving at least a 6 inch opening
7. Turn fabric right side out

8. Hand stitch remaining section, hiding the seam
9. I added 2 zig zag stitches about an inch apart around the entire outside after I was done, just for looks/reinforcement( I don't know if you can see it very well, since it is white thread)
10. Enjoy your super easy blanket!

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