Monday, July 27, 2009

Sports Balls

I was on a budget of about $10 when turning my 2 year old's room into a SPORTS THEMED room, so I used what I had laying around the house.

I had these 12" wood rounds laying around from my clock supplies, but you can purchase 12" particle board rounds at Home Depot for about $3. I painted each one with Craft Paint, turning them into different sports balls for his wall.

I had this frame sitting in the back of our closet since our wedding, because it was an UGLY color & finally pulled it out, painted it BLACK & put in pictures of my sweet 2 year old.

I also had these letters that spelled "Parker" in my craft closet. I bought them before he was born, hoping to come up with a fun way to use them...and never did. So I was finally able to pull them out, spray them a simple black color & completed this wall above his Big Boy Bed.


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