Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have a WONDERFUL contact{Teresa} that cuts all my vinyl for my clocks in Utah & although we have never met, I really love everything on her website!

Almost a year ago, one of my orders was delayed so she sent me this "Gratitude Steel Sign" to help ensure I wouldn't be upset over the delay.

It worked:)

She has some GREAT ideas on her website of what to do with these signs...
but I guess I just never got around to cutting/routing/painting a piece of wood to put the sign on & this has been sitting in the closet for nearly a year.

I decided it was time to hang in my house, since I need the reminder to be GRATEFUL for all I have! But the "steel" look doesn't really go with my decor, so I decided to give it a quick change with white spray paint...

Then, yesterday...this DARLING DRESS arrived in the mail, tied up so cute with a brown ribbon and I decided that I wasn't going to wait to cut/route/paint a piece of wood afterall.
I tied up a quick bow with the recycled brown ribbon and now I have my reminder to be GRATEFUL hanging in my bedroom! And if I decide to mount it to wood in the future, I still can.

I love this QUICK project...and love it even more because it turned out to be 100% FREE!!!

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