Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Popcorn cupcakes

This craft{as most of the kids crafts are...was one of the activities we did when I taught preschool}
We were focusing on the letter "P" this particular, we were talking about I came up with this popcorn cupcake idea to do with the kids...

-start with a cupcake-
-then frost your cupcakes-
-then we "butter" your "popcorn" cupcakes with yellow sprinkles
-then add the popcorn-
-and wrap red striped "bags" around your popcorn-
(I just cut strips of some wrapping paper I had & backed with cardstock so it would be more sturdy)
And everyone can enjoy their very own "bag of popcorn"!
I didn't know if they would actually eat the popcorn cupcakes...
but they did!
Talk about different letters with your kids each week & try to find some fun activities that start with that letter during the week! A great way to learn and have some fun at the same time!


April said...

totally stealing this idea for my sons Circus Party next month! Hopefully i can find some candy cane striped paper somewhere! thanx again!!

Staci said...

What a fabulously cute idea!! I popped over from A Soft Place to Land and I clicked over b/c your name caught my eye. My name is Staci, too. Not too many people spell it like that. Just wanted to meet a fellow Staci with an "I"!!

Heather said...

Wow... that was a long time ago!! Look at my lil Jayden who is in 1st grade now!!! That was a cute project that was also yummy (Jayden told me so!)