Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pillow Talk

Want to make some SIMPLE pillow cases?

I needed some Pillows for Parker's "big boy bed" & his room theme is SPORTS, so I ran to the store and grabbed 3 different sports patterns that were on Clearance!

The cost of the 3 pillow forms?
Thanks to my amazing Mother-in-law!
She gave them to me awhile back, cuz she didn't have any use for them.
I didn't either, but I of course took them...because I thought one day I might need them.
They sat in the closet for quite awhile...until this project came up:)

I didn't want to do anything fancy shmancy, because they were going in a 2 year old's room & I wanted to be able to easily slip them off and wash them & I figured my 2 year old wouldn't care too much if they were perfect.
I cut the fabric about 1/2 " bigger than the pillow...leaving about 8 extra inches" on one end. I sewed up the seams with right sides together & then hemmed the open edge & flipped right side out. You can see the extra length compared to the pillow.

Then I slipped the pillow inside & TUCKED in the extra fabric, creating the ILLUSION that it was sewn the size of the pillow form. and you are done! You can see the fold & the corners on that side won't be perfect, but I promise the majority won't be able to know !
For the "Tootsie Roll" Pillow form {it prob has a real name, but I made up this name cuz that is what it looked like to me} I did the EXACT same I had a long tube like pillow case....turned it right side out, this time I only left about 2 inches & then tied it closed with a quick string....easily removed for washing! And I actually like the look of the gathered pleats at the top of this pillow.And I finished 3 pillows for my son's BIG BOY BED... a matter of MINUTES!

I promise this is a QUICK project that you could easily do in 30 minutes or less!

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The Standrings said...

it was so good to see you and ames yesterday. i just love you guys.