Monday, November 16, 2009

Preschool Tables

My sister had used these 3 tables(I think they used to be end tables in a church foyer)for preschool for the past couple of years. The small school chairs fit perfect at each table & you can sit 4 little kiddos around each one if needed. When my sister decided she no longer wanted to teach preschool, she gave them to my mom & they sat outside on her driveway for months.
When we finally got this house & I knew I wanted to teach preschool on the side, I called her up & was excited to find out that they were still sitting on the side of the house, waiting for someone who would want them:)

I grabbed them up & they have been fun to have in our playroom, as Parker & Ryler have enjoyed using them to play with their toys on.

But on Saturday, I decided to spruce them up a bit, before preschool starts in January.
I gave Parker the task of sanding them down:)
And a coat of spray paint on each & they are all ready for the kids!

I REALLY wanted to decopauge cute scrapbook paper on the tops or paint gameboards on the top surfaces of each...but when I realized that the kids would be using them to color & craft on & I'd be wiping and cleaning them often...I decided to leave the surface as is. They will be much easier to clean this way!


carolyn said...

Don't you just love when something can serve so many purposes for so many people?

It makes me feel so resourceful!
The tables look great- and you're right, they will be perfect for teaching pre-school.

kristi*jansen said...

clever, stace! they look FAB :)