Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is ok to change your mind!

After I completed the Board & Batten in my kitchen area, I started searching for the perfect thing for the wall above the Board & Batten. I still have several ideas floating around, but a few are too expensive or I have yet to find the right thing to hang on the wall.
I already had these square pressed tins that were green for my TIN CLOCKS, so I decided to throw them up on the wall to fill the space.
I don't love them.

Well...yesterday I decided to do something about that & I gave them a coat of white spray paint & then I distressed them a bit with sandpaper...

And I like them SO MUCH BETTER!
I think I just didn't like the dark green color on them!

Another recent thing I did in our spare bathroom, was to hang these "Beachy" wall sconces.
Almost as soon as I put them up, I knew I didn't like them there.
First...I think I hung them too high visually, but lowering them could be disasterous sandy mess, since this is the bathroom my preschoolers use.
A friend/reader suggested I put blue chunky candles in them & I LOVE that idea!

But again...yesterday I thought,
"What can I change in here, so I like it more?"
I decided to switch the sconces with a white cabinet I had hanging in our Master Bathroom...which I actually didn't like in our Master Bath & I like it SO much better in this bathroom!

And I hung the sconces in our Master Bath & am going to find the perfect candles for them!

Don't worry if you change your mind 10 times...go with your gut & change it until you like it!!!

I still remember painting our very 1st Master bedroom. We painted the ENTIRE ROOM & we both looked at it & decided we didn't like the color & started all over with a new color.

Is this ideal?
Is it human?

Don't be afraid to change your mind! If you don't love something in one room...try a different might just LOVE it somewhere else!

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Lynette said...

I love the white tins! They look so pretty in there! And love the shelf. I'm glad you change your mind often husband loves to count the times I change my mind! :)

the thrifty ba said...

i am always trying to change thngs up-much to my dear husbands distress! glad to know im not the only one!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

So important to remember that even if you nailed it into your wall it doesn't have to be permanent! Great changes!

Chris said...

Hooray for being able to makes life so much more exciting. I like the color change, too. Way to go!

Kendra said...

This happens to me all the time!! I'll really like something but as soon as I get up, I want to either change it or move it! But like you said.. ITS OK!! :)

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

I change my mind all the time, I agree it's part of being human! My kitchen has been 3 different colors since we've lived here and the end result was...white! lol Gotta love how it takes many coats of paint to realize I wanted white.

Love the tins in white, they look beautiful!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I change my mind often, but just keep what's not working usually. I need to have your attitude of just physically changing things out! The changes look great!

The Watkins said...

If changing our mind isn't normal then I don't know what is. I painted my guest bedroom 3 times before I was content with the turn out.

Recently - I have gone through 3 sets of curtains in my living/dining room before I was happy.

Changing your mind is normal & healthy.

Emily said...

OMG, I have those curtains in our eating area!! I never thought to use them as a shower curtain!

Tyree said...

just another "change" you could try. Try hanging the tins all the same (the square way not the diamond in the middle) just try it if you love it great if not back to before. I just think it'd look great that way.