Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy RED...WHITE...and BLUE!

Did you see this Sea Star Flag Pillowcase that BETH made over at The Stories of A to Z???

I've already told her, but this is my favorite 4th of July decor I've seen!
I LOVE it hanging out on her front porch! She even has a tutorial, so we can make one too!

Thanks for being so talented Beth, so we can all benefit from it! :)

I didn't really get any 4th of July crafts done this year.
We have been out of town here & there & Ryler had a bad case of croupe this past week...ugh, so glad that is over! June was just a REALLY BUSY month & I can't believe 4th of July is almost here!

I did manage to make some hair clips that are "4th of July-ish" ...
Maybe I will sport one of them on the 4th, while watching MUCH COOLER WEATHER!

Yay! We are escaping this Mesa HEAT for a bit! You can imagine my excitement, since I just looked out the window & it is 110 the shade!

Hope you all have a HAPPY & SAFE 4th of JULY!!!!


1 comment :

Tanyia said...

Happy holiday to you as well!

I love that craft! So creative.

Being right in the middle of a big move I have not gotten any 4th crafts done either, but I bookmarked several for next year! lol