Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slipcover Review

Awhile ago I had the opportunity to do a PRODUCT REVIEW with CSN stores!
I knew right away what I wanted to review & ordered slipcovers for my couches.
My bro Rob & his wife Julie gave us these couches when we moved into our home last October & we were so grateful to them & even more thrilled at the FREE-ness of them:)

I  have LOVED the look of slipcovered couches I have seen around blog world & ideally would get WHITE...but since that wasn't practical with a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old, I ordered them in Linen, which looks like Taupe. I now have green & brown striped pillows on them too, but I didn't want this to be a "decorating post", just a review on the actual slipcovers. Pay no attention to my son's blankie in the picture:)
I got the sure fit cotton duck covers because I liked that they had TIES so that I could make them look more fitted on my couches. 

--The fabric is Machine Washable(perfect with little kids)
--I love the fabric, it is super soft. It says Cotton, but it feels llike microfiber & spots wash out easily.
--I love that when things drop in between the cushions, they are not lost in nowhere land anymore. I just pull the slipcover out & find what I'm looking forever. It has been so nice to find the remote these days;)
--The price. I looked for months at slipcovers & even the one at Walmart were more expensive than these!
--The ties make it look more fitted, which I love.
--Free Shipping
--Love the color options I have in that room now. I felt a little limited befor, but now I feel like I could put any color in that room.

--I wish I ordered them in GREEN to go with my kitchen. That was my fault though. I wanted green, but was nervous the greens would clash. The taupe is a good neutral color though. So it isn't an actual "con" :)
--They are messy looking after one person sits on the couch. I feel like I'm always straightening them, but I'm sort of OCD about stuff like that. (I don't think it would be a problem if I didn't have young kids)

I would DEFINITELY recommend them to you if you are on the lookout for great slipcovers! 

Stay tuned for my next review...
just ordered these Wiggle Rides for my boys:)

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I want to end July with a bang! I will be giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores to one of my lucky followers to spend however they would like!! 
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Cheryl said...

Thanks for this review. I have been contemplating whether slip covers would be an ideal option, over brand new purchase sofas. Since I would need to replace 2, that could be really costly. You review has helped my off the fence onto the slipcover side. I only dread forever fixing them to look neat. I have heard that you can place rolls of quarters into the creases to keep them in better place, but who has that many quarters that they aren't spending? Not me. I think I could figure out something.

Thanks again for the review, I am definitely going the slip cover route.