Sunday, August 29, 2010

a YEAR of UNIQUE outfits!!

Have you checked out the blog, a
If will be addicted.
She has dedicated a year, to converting $1 articles of clothing into fabulous outfits!

\Check out this BEFORE...

and the AFTER...

That is right!
365 days + $365 = 365 new outfits



LambAround said...

Thanks so much for the link! I'm thrifty but hate to wear the same outfit too often :)

T said...

I spent WAY too long scrolling through the history of her blog a few days ago... and some are SO cute (yes, some are also downright ugly)... makes me wish I had the thrift store she's latched onto though - can't pick up even the ugliest Mumu for a buck around here ;)

The Atomic Mom said...

I saw this blog a few weeks ago and bookmarked it, but have yet to go back. She has creativity for sure. I know I could do nothing with old clothes, my very large bottom not withstanding.