Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cricut: Make the Cut

I want to show you a fun project I did, using MAKE THE CUT this week with my Cricut...

NEW UPDATE: This program is not compatible with Cricut:( I'm so sad!!!  But can still be used with the Silhouette, Gazelle and more!
I do NOT like to use VINYL on my beadboard clocks, because of the ridges in the beadboard & I like to distress the wood to "antique" them a bit & you can't distress vinyl, so I usually use stencils, but I only have number my beadboard clocks have been sort of plain. 

I can do ANY DESIGN with my new software & create some fun "stencils" using vinyl...
I went to GOOGLE & found a pretty scrolly damask image & imported it directly into MTC, using the PIXEL TRACE option! It is SO COOL! You can import almost ANY IMAGE/FONT!
Then I googled "Clock Face" and imported the clock directly into MTC so it was already laid out in a circle for me!
I placed the damask image in the center of the numbers & cut the vinyl.
I REALLY should have used BLACK VINYL instead of white, so you could actually SEE this...but if you look can see I have laid VINYL on my beadboard...
Then I spray painted my board...
and once it dried, I started to peel off the vinyl...

I can make ANY STENCIL now & it is SO EASY!!!
And I can DISTRESS it, since it is just paint...
If you are thinking about purchasing MAKE THE CUT
I'm now an affiliate for them! 
I joked about making them pay me since I love their product so much & now
If you purchase through clicking the button on my sidebar, I get a percentage & you get my LOVE!

Sounds like a deal to me! ;)

It is normally $79.95, but is on sale right now for $58.36
Huge Savings!!! That is the cost of 1-2 cartridges!
And I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.
I will continue showing you some fun new things I have learned using my new software, but for now if you have any questions about it, 
email me at



Ashley said...

I've seen/heard about Make the Cut a lot, but I'm so do you connect your cricut to the computer? (I'm a fairly new cricut owner, so this might just be something I should know...) ;) said...

wow! that looks great! I'm glad you worked around the beadboard situation! :)
good luck with the affiliation! I hope you make some $$$

T said...

oooh, I love that they ARE actually going to be paying you... I promise that this is where I'll click through when I finally suck it up to buy! I'm still in the money vs. me mode...

Debbie said...

I've been wanting to get the sure cuts a lot, but you've convinced me this is way better. I can't wait to get it.

Tiff said...

You convinced me! I almost bought "Sure Cuts A Lot" but then I saw your post about "Make The Cut" and was sold. I just bought "Make The Cut" through your website and can't wait to start playing with it on my Cricut! Thanks so much!