Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Musical Dice

All of you Cricut owners or want-to-be Cricut owners, 
listen up!

I have had my Cricut for almost a year & have used it quite a bit!
BUT...those cartridges are SO EXPENSIVE!
I have avoided buying cartridges, usually borrowing the fonts/designs I need from friends, but I recently decided to do some research on software. 

I ALMOST bought Sure Cuts a Lot, but after researching, discovered 
Make The Cut 
would be a better option for me!
And so I purchased...
and it did NOT disappoint.

Here is a quick little
using my new software!
(which by the way, cost as much as 1-2 cartridges)

I wanted to make 
"SONG DICE" for my preschool class.
Essentially...blocks of wood that they can ROLL & it will decide what SONGS we sing during music time!

I opened up my MAKE THE CUT program & just searched the MTC Gallery for pictures to coordinate with kid songs. It is REALLY SIMPLE...just click IMPORT...MTC GALLERY & type in whatever you want & I almost always found what I was looking for! You can also import ANY image from your computer, or a pic you googled,etc...but I was trying to do this QUICKLY...aka...before my son's nap was over!

I wanted to do TWO dice, so I needed TWELVE songs total & I easily laid out all 12 on my "12x12 virtual mat" using my Make the Cut program!
Then I pushed CUT!
Those of you who use Cricut cartridges, know that I would have had to cut each word & picture being able to LAY OUT THE ENTIRE PAGE & then click CUT saved me SOOO MUCH TIME!!!

While the cricut was doing it's work, I went to work with some of my own cutting...

I needed 3" squares for my blocks & I used bright, fun colors, since they will be for Preschool!
Don't mind the raw edges, I need a new paper cutter...bad!
Next, Mod Podge your squares onto your blocks...
and take a pic before your flatten out all of the wrinkles;) 
oh wait...don't do that, unless you are me!
*There are 4 blocks, because I decided to make a duplicate set for our Church Nursery, since I oversee them!
Go check on your vinyl...
realize that the words you were printing were SUPER SMALL & the vinyl got eaten up in some areas
(No fault of Cricut or Make the Cut, just can't do super small letters in vinyl)
But, I decided the pictures were cute by themselves & as long as I know the songs, it shouldn't matter that the song titles are not there!
AND... they are ready to roll!
 Super Easy! Right?
I can see so many options with this simple craft...
Chore dice
Boredom dice
Family Night dice

Let me know if you use a Cricut & have software or are looking into it!
I would love to answer any questions, 
although I am still just a beginner!

Now...I'm off to write Make The Cut, because they should pay me for this amazing advertising, huh!? haha!
I wrote them & am now a Make The Cut affiliate! If you want to order the software, please do so by clicking the button on MY sidebar! I'll love you forever!
 I'm kidding, but here is something I am very serious about...
Want the supplies to make these???
Click HERE to comment & the supplies might just end up on your doorstep shortly!

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T said...

I'm going to have to look into that software - I've been on the verge of getting the Sure cutsalot more than once... but I've got like 16 cartridges already and since I worked so much last year they've just sat and sat...

no longer - scrapbook week begins MONDAY!

Jamie said...

Thank you I have never heard of this but I had heard of sure cuts alot so I will be looking into this one as well. The blocks are adorable, I will probably also borrow this idea to use in our parents day out class.

Britney Jean said...

what a FABULOUS idea! i love it!

The Parkers said...

OK Stac so how does the make the cut work? Does it go with the cricut or is it a completely different cutter? Am I missing something lol
Love the dice game and so wanting to do that!! I do singing time in nursery and the kids would love it...what songs do you do?

Teri said...

Such a cute idea! :)

Megan said...

Love, love, love this idea! I know a million fun songs but none of them come to mind when I'm on the spot and I really need one...

Hodson Family said...

I would love to have one of these. I am in the process of doing a princess and the frog party for my little girl and this would cut down on my time so I could plan a few more fun things. I am so happy you advertised this for us.

Throw Open the Windows said...

These blocks are a great idea. I'm homeschooling my preschooler since we don't have a public preschool here and these blocks will be awesome! Thanks for posting. You now have a new follower!! Rebecca

Amy C said...

This is just a fabulous idea! I love it! I have a question about your software, can you use any font on your computer with it? I know you can with sure cuts a lot. Thanks, Amy

Terrell said...

Oh wow, you're so creative! These look to be a hit! I'm loving your blog and I'm so excited to be your newest follower! I would also like to invite you to my link party/giveaway every Friday at FrouFrouDecor! I love new friends and hope to see you there!
~Terrell @ FFD~

Karen Tapahe said...

I just barely got my Cricut and I went with SCAL after doing some research, although now I'm a bit worried since I hadn't run across Make the Cut before now. So far, I like SCAL, but I am still figuring all of this out. Since the projects I wanted to do were nothing I could find on a cartridge, I knew that software was going to be the way to go.