Monday, September 13, 2010


I love love love this time of year!
October is nearly here &
&it has always been at the top of my
"favorite month's list" since I was born that month:)
And I LOVE Halloween & Fall decor!

I was looking through some magazines earlier with my mom and sister and found the cutest ideas of decorating with pumpkins. Here are a few more that I loved & might consider decorating with this year...

I love these black and white pumpkins, 
found HERE...

check out these cute pumpkins
decorated with WIRE...
 I'm a sucker for these black cats, made from pumpkins, 
found HERE
Ribbon is an easy way to dress up a pumpkin!
Check out a video tutorial HERE 

I love these GOLD pumpkins, found at Country Living...

Do you have any fun pumpkin ideas!?! 
If so, please share!

I want to try a few new & fun ideas this year with PUMPKINS!!!



The Atomic Mom said...

I have several friends that do "Dinner in a Pumpkin" as a way to kick off fall. They scoop out the seeds and then put some sort of stew/meat & rice etc dish inside to cook and then bake and eat. Because pumpkin is a squash you know and is actually pretty good to eat. I always do my own pie pumpkins every year.

Lolly Jane said...

Hey Stace- I loooove pumpkins to decorate with... thanks for the cute inspirational idea's!!

Check out this link for my pumpkins currently on display:

Boo! ;)