Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spooky Wreaths

I've seen several Tulle Halloween Wreaths around & I think they are SO CUTE 
(and spooky, of course!)

Check out this one at Between U & Me
I love the orange polka dot ribbon in hers!!!

Or this one at Naptime Journal!

Flamingo Toes added some Hot Pink to hers!

I decided to make one & tried to keep the costs LOW!
I went to Walmart & picked up black tulle fabric...I bought 2 yards & $1.27/yd & some orange ribbon that was $1.99, but I only used 1/4 of it. 
I tried to find a metal wreath wring, but they didn't have any & my mom came up with the brilliant idea to go get a wire hanger out of the closet, which I was definitely on board with because it was FREE!
So for about $3.50, I came up with this...
It is simple enough, but if you want to make your own, go grab a wire hanger from the back of your closet & bend it into a circle, twisting the ends for extra strength...

 I cut my strips of fabric about 18"  & then folded them in half and looped them through, so that they stood out about 9" from the metal ring. You don't have to knot these, loop them as if you were making a tutu.
Tie your orange ribbon on one end of your wreath, hang and enjoy!
Oh...and see if you can dig through your children's toys and come up with some spiders;)
I only came up with one orange one, but I love what it adds!

Now go & buy some Tulle & make something CUTE for your front door!!!



Beverly @ said...

Staci your wreath is really cute!! I love that you made it from a coat hanger. That is so clever. ;)
Thanks for linking to my wreath - that was really sweet!

Lyndsey said...

I love these wreaths.. I might have to make one!! They are so cute!!

Kathleen said...

I had seen Flamingo Toes' vresion, but not the others. I love the variations. They are ALL so cute. Yep, may jsut have to go make one now...
Thanks for sharing.

Life with the Lebedas said...

I featured you on my blog - Life with the Lebedas. Swing by and grab your "featured' button. Love your blog!!

Your welcome to link up your other crafts!

Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas

The Parkers said...

so running out the door to get some tulle so excited!!

Courtney McAulay said...

Oh geez! I am so tickled pink that you featured my wreath! Thanks SO SO much! :D

Courtney McAulay said...

P.S. Yours turned out totally awesome! I love the spooky little spider! ;)