Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh Holy Night

I made this SUPER EASY gift, 
using some scrap wood in my garage, a can of white spray paint & black vinyl.

I googled something like "Nativity Templates" and came across this image that I LOVED & just saved it to my computer & then IMPORTED it right into Make The Cut!
If you own a Cricut, Gazelle, Sillhouette or Robo & you don't have this software...GET IT!
I'm serious, you will be in LOVE...and it is a GREAT PRICE, order through me by CLICKING HERE!

 I toyed with the idea of drilling holes & putting a wire or ribbon across the top to hang it, but decided I liked it as is. I think I will go to the Dollare Store or Walmart and see if I can dig up some tiny easels to give with this holiday decor, but they do stand on their own.
I started wrapping them in cellophane & ran out & then decided they looked cute with just a bow tied around them...
They are SO CUTE & EASY & your neighbors don't have to know you spent less than $1 on them...shhhh!


Amy said...

Very cute idea!

Debbie said...

these turned out so cute. I love them. I think you should do a MTC tutorial on cutting pictures from google. ;)