Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My "NEW-ish" Front Door

I was reading on my friend's blog---Randum Fancy this week & saw this post about changing her Purple Door. 

It was just the kick in the pants I needed(THANK YOU LeDawn!) & I went to the garage to see if I could find some paint to makeover MY FRONT DOOR...I literally got up from reading her post & went and put on my paint clothes! That is what I love about creative blogs...they really inspire!

 I cleaned my door really well & have been planning on painting it white or red since we moved in, but I was worried white might get really dirty with little neighborhood kids hands knocking on it all day & I didn't have any red on hand...so BLACK was decided on! (Why are all of my decisions based on what I have around the house when there is a Lowe's & Home Depot within 2 minutes of my house?)

I laid a drop cloth down & decided to skip the sanding & priming...which I would NEVER TYPICALLY RECOMMEND! My front door happens to be completely dry wood with no stain, varnish,etc.  which is the ONLY REASON you can ever skip those crucial steps!

The weather was beautiful, so it was a perfect day to sit & paint, while my kids drew ALL OVER THE SIDEWALK with chalk!

Oh...and of course they helped too! ;)
I can't believe I have been letting people come up to THIS FRONT DOOR for the past year & a half!
After the 1st coat...Okay, this is where PRIMING might have helped! This door SUCKED up my paint & I had to use SEVERAL coats!
After a couple more coats...
It looks SO MUCH better!!!

Can't wait to hang a cute SPRING WREATH on the front!!!


Maria Rose said...

Very nice!

Ryan and LeDawn said...

yes, yes... black is much better! Our door isn't even wood... I don't even know what it is. I love all the texture and design in your door!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

I agree!! The black is devine :) Ours is a horibble hunter green color. Blech! Maybe I'll bust out the paint this summer

The Atomic Mom said...

It's a great mid-mod-ish door. However, black will show the dust, so you might have to power wash from time to time.

amber marchant said...

Yeah for you! I am in the process of doing this very thing and it's been challenging. I found you at Blue Cricket. Please come visit me @ http://barbwired0117.blogspot.com/

Willene Fagen said...

Looks like your little angel was having fun painting the door! He was definitely eager to help you out with your household chores. And good job on the front door. I think black suits your door well. It looks classier and elegant, compared to the varnished wood. :-) [Willene Fagen]

Meghan said...

wow that looks amazing. I love the detail in the door and the black paint brings them out more!