Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Cake Love Birds

I just HAD TO SHARE this detail from my sis-in-law's vintage style wedding a couple week's ago!
My mother-in-law MADE these ADORABLE, QUIRKY little LOVE BIRDS to top their wedding cake & they turned out SO ADORABLE!!! The lady that did the cakes even made the top to look like a NEST:)
SO SO CUTE, right?!?
The ACTUAL lovebirds, feeding/shoving cake into each other's mouths;)

The rest of the cake was made up of CUTE!

My AMAZING mother-in-law & her masterpiece! This is a closer up, so you can see the adorable details!
Some other FUN things that I loved...
The "sweet shop" full of yummy candy! 
That is my 4 year old, getting started before it even had began:)

Their beach cruisers greeted you at the entrance!
A BIG chalkboard with all of their "FIRSTS"...

The ENTIRE wedding was PERFECT & I could share a million more little details that made it that way! 
Congratulations to the HAPPY COUPLE!!!


Ryan and LeDawn said...

oh my gosh, I saw this wedding reception posted on someone else's blog (cant remember whose) and LOVED everything about it!!! Esp that cake!!!! toooo cute!!!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

I love their vintage theme wedding and totally LOVE the birds on the top of their cake..i happen to love little birdies and would so love that for my future wedding cake lol. Matt's mom is amazing with her talent!

The Atomic Mom said...

totally DIGGING the dresser the candy is on.....that is super groovy.

{love, mj.} said... cutest wedding EVER. i seriously LOVE it.

Jenerally Speaking said...

Love their wedding!!