Saturday, June 4, 2011

BLUE, BROWN...and RED Nursery

I was debating about buying new Crib Bedding for this baby boy, 
I'm cheap & practical & it just didn't make sense to me.

So I'm using what I have used with my last 2 boys(blue & brown) & I'm adding in some RED!

I probably could have spent hours at JoAnn's looking for the perfect fabric, but instead I ran by the fabric section at Walmart the other day while picking up some milk...and picked out one of the 3 options of flannel they had. I liked it & it was blue, brown & red, so it will work great with the bedding & the {already} blue walls...
I knew from the moment I saw this SCALLOPED BLANKET TUTORIAL from Zaberry, 
that I wanted to try it! Her tutorial worked perfectly...just place your fabrics right sides together & trace your scallops(I used a tupperware lid). 
I didn't put batting in the middle because I used flannel and I didn't want it any warmer!
Then sew along your lines, leaving a space to turn your blanket inside out.
Iron, hand sew the remaining open portion.
And then another straight stitch all the way around the blanket & you are done! 
I also didn't "quilt" the blanket like Zaberry, but I think it should hold together just fine! 
I made it slightly larger than I typically have made baby blankets, because I liked the option of laying it in his crib for a pop of color in his nursery...
I backed it with a solid red flannel...
And I will admit I was worried about the scallops looking too GIRLY...but since the dinosaurs are ALL BOY...I think the scallops just make it CUTE!

Now...I need to find the hardware to put the front rail back on his crib...
I don't think he will be quite ready for a 
toddler bed when he arrives ;)
I can picture putting his name above the crib with some splashes of RED...
I just wish we knew what that name is!?!


CraftyMummy said...

It looks great! I love the scallops - they just finished the edges nicely - and I love the dinosaur fabric.

Ruby said...

Your blanket looks great! I love the fabric too. Nice job.

Ruby (aka Zaaberry)

Emily said...

Really great! I love the edge.

Rudd Family said...

So cute! I love the dino fabric.

Jenn Christman said...

It came out great! Love the fabric and scallop edge. Wishing you luck coming up with a name.

Diane said...

Very cute and not girly at all. Good luck with the name, there are so many original names out there these days.

The Atomic Mom said...

Ok, that is the CUTEST dino fabric I have ever seen! If you were not so great with child, I would ask you to go get me some and save it for the next time I came home.

Connie the crafterbug said...

Love it!

Ashley said...

o my land this did turn out so darling.
I can totally picture a name above the bed in red!!!
make sure to share when you do
im excited to see!!!!