Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Gift Idea Número Seis

Some people are put on this earth, solely to be an example to others. Our friends, the Hubers, are our earthly angels. Sure they spoil our kids rotten and my kids love it and think they are the greatest, but it isn't the spoiling that makes me want to be like them, it is their thoughtfulness. This Christmas, I could go on and on about the gifts they bought us...but there is one that made me the happiest. My daddy passed away a couple months ago and I didn't even want to experience Christmas without him. These friends brought over a small Christmas tree before Christmas. It wasn't just any Christmas tree, it was my daddy's tree. I have no clue how much time was put into this gift, but I have no doubt it was a LOT! Not only was there an ornament with a picture of all 8 children and their spouses, there was also a picture of each of the 12 grandchildren. Everywhere I looked there was something else that described my dad's hobbies, his work, his family, his church...they even had an ornament if his favorite candy!

It was incredible, we felt like our dad was around for the holidays and it meant so much to my mom! I am in awe of their thoughtfulness and will always appreciate this gift they gave. As you reach out to others, be thoughtful and they will be forever grateful to you!!! Thank you Hubers, we love you soooooo much!

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The Atomic Mom said...

That's a great tradition you guys can continue for a long time. What nice friends.