Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cake Banner

My husband's baby sister got married a couple of weeks ago...the last sibling in both our families to get married! Crazy, we could possibly all be having kiddos together, even though there is a large age span across both of our fams! I am soooo happy for her and it was so fun to help with the reception! I need to track down more pics of all of her wedding details...but everything was PERFECT!!! I did attempt my first lil' cake banner to put on the top of her cake and think/hope it turned out cute! It matched the one her mama made that hung in front on the table! I also used my handy dandy cricut to cut out their initials for the front of the cake! The cake itself was amazing---my talented sis-in-law, Heidi made it and did an incredible job! More pics/fun details of their day to come!!! Congrats Aimee and Sam!!!

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