Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All You Need Is Love

Awhile back I made some gray and white signs for my bedroom...but about a month ago, I gave them to my brother/sis-in-law for their house...so we have had an empty space on our shelf for a few weeks. Today, I dug out some cupboard doors and made some new signs for the space and decided to incorporate in some yellow this time! AND...I love them!

The pop of color makes me happy:)

Want to order some custom signs for your home?
Email me at craftifyit@gmail.com

For both signs, I cut "stencils" from vinyl using my MAKE THE CUT SOFTWARE--can be purchased on my sidebar!

1 comment :

Amy said...

These turned out SO cute. I am the lucky recipient of your old signs and I LOVE them!! That was too generous of you!!!!