Monday, June 10, 2013

AZ Peeps!

**update- Sea Life Aquarium at AZ Mills, Sunsplash, Brunswick Bowling, National Comedy Theatre and Skateland have all been added to the pass!!!

Have I got a deal for you Phoenix Valley residents!!!

We all drop $100+ per month for our child's preschool or $50+ a month for a dance class or participation on a sports team, without thinking twice. Well...I have an offer that will blow your mind! And it is a YEAR of FUN that you and your family can all enjoy together!

And NOW is the perfect time to buy it, so that you can have lots of entertainment during these upcoming HOT SUMMER MONTHS!!!

What is the Pogo Pass, you ask? 

We all understand the benefits of buying a membership to the Phoenix Zoo or our favorite Youth Museum...because after paying full price for your family to go to those places a couple of times, you would be better off buying an annual membership and would save LOTS of money! And we all LOVE TO SAVE MONEY!!!

Well...the Pogo Pass is an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP to 10+ venues, so that you can pick and choose where your family will be entertained this upcoming year! With well over $500 in value, these cards retail at $99, which is a great deal! You can attend Diamondbacks games or spend the day at the AZ Museum of Natural History. If you enjoy paintballing or lasertag, you will love this pass! 

BUT...if you buy through me today, using the PROMOTIONAL CODE: SUMMERFUN when purchasing online at

You will receive your card at the INCREDIBLE DISCOUNTED PRICE of $39.99 per card!!!

You pay $40 for your kid to have a YEAR of FUN!!! 

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please email me at

But I promise, you won't be disappointed!!! Go and buy your POGO PASS today at
and don't forget...for a 60% savings, 
type in the promotional code : SUMMERFUN

You can thank me later;)

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Sarah Bronson said...

I heard about this great deal. I found this deal for the Phoenix Rock Gym. I plan on getting one of these Pogo Passes for sure.