Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I was making a THANK YOU gift for someone great & I thought a clock would be perfect, because she put a lot of TIME into what she did!

I grabbed a tin ceiling tile from my stash...what you don't have spare tins laying around? 
Well, you can find them at most home decor places or you can order actual silver ceiling tiles online and then spray paint them whatever color you want.

I thought numbers might be too busy with this design, but still wanted "hour marks" so I just printed some quick vinyl dots and spaced them around the clock...
Then I took the clock outside for a quick coat of WHITE spray paint...
and then I carefully peeled off the vinyl dots, using tweezers...
I decided this clock needed to be roughed up a bit, so I took some sandpaper to it...
Last , but not least...I drilled a hole in the center & screwed in a clock mechanism and hands.. 
I decided against the typical spade hands and used these circle ones, because the center of this clock reminded me of a COMPASS & I just thought these hands worked!
A quick and easy project!!
Have an idea for a clock & want to make one for your home?

Don't know where to find the mechanism and the hands?
Don't overlook the fact that you remove them from an old clock you don't use anymore & then your cost is free!

Your local craft store, Michaels or Hobby Lobby will likely carry them as well!

Those stores don't have what you are looking for? 
Order from my favorite website...

another great source?




The Paisley Abbey said...

That is a really cute clock. Great Idea! I found you on Night Owl Crafting and love your blog.


Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

You always make suck lovely clocks Staci. I really like this tin and the design. I'm sure you're friend will love it.

Melissa said...

What an absolutely gorgeous clock!! I wish I had tin tiles lying around!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love this clock! I also really like the way your brain works.

Lolly Jane said...

Let me do something nice for you so you can make me ANOTHER clock... this one for my front room ;)

Hee hee. Just kidding. xoxo

HouseMama said...

Hi Staci,
I'm stopping by your blog via Beth's at A to Z. I LOVE this clock design. You make it look so easy - I might even be able to do it. :)