Friday, October 16, 2009

Armoire Before & After

We decided we needed something to hold the TV in the playroom, so we turned to our best friend...Craigslist...for an affordable option.

I found this black armoire that I thought looked nice...

But when I went to pick it up I noticed the "southwest" design carved into the top...that I didn't see in the original picture & I didn't care for it. I asked him to drop the already low price, 20 bucks & he agreed, so I decided I could work with it. I also decided while I LIKED it black...I wanted WHITE furniture in the YELLOW playroom, so I sanded it down...

and Parker helped me PRIME it...

I took over from there & painted it white & was sad because I liked it better when it was black.

SO....I rubbed down the edges with sandpaper & the black popped through & decided I liked that much better.

Then I was TRYING to figure out WHAT TO DO about the Southwest carving???
I had no wood...pretty much nothing to work with & both my boys were napping & I wanted it done NOW & couldn't go to the store to find other options.

I searched through a couple of boxes & found 2 pieces of already cut wood that were black & orange-that I bought at Michael's forever ago for $1 to make a Halloween sign on. I decided since I hadn't found time for that sign yet, I probably never would & they might just hide the design.
I painted them white, nailed them on & while not perfect by any means, I like it better & was a $1...5 minute fix...which is my kind of project!

Matt & I moved it in the Playroom lastnight & I LOVE it!
It is perfect size for the wall it is on & the bottom is large enough to hide/store toys:)


The Atomic Mom said...

You could do a stencil on that peice if you wanted to cover it up, but the crakeled look lends itself to the fix you did. I hate southwest style, and it's all over here...blech! Even the temple is that way..gag!

Brittany said...

WOW, I need to check out craigslist! Looks great!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

It looks so great! I want it at my house! $20!!! What a steal!