Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Crafts

My sister-in-law, Julie, gifted all the girls in our family 3 handmade Pumpkins on Sunday!
She is incredible! She makes things ALL OF THE TIME...I need to have her email me some of the stuff she has done. She didn't even sew a year ago & now can whip up pretty much anything...and it always turns out PERFECT! She is extremely talented!
These beauties are wrapped around TOILET PAPER ROLLS!!! Are you serious?! It makes such a cute shape for the pumpkins & I'd have to ask her for sure, but I don't think this project requires ANY sewing/gluing...the fabric is stuffed into the hole with the stick (stem) cut from a tree in her backyard! So CREATIVE!!!

This was a birthday gift from my sis-in-law Heidi last week. I LOVE IT! It is already hanging on my door, as you can see! She is ALWAYS giving me handmade crafty gifts...which are my FAVORITE!!!
Thank you SO MUCH Heidi!

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