Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Homemade Gift Idea #9-QUILTS

My incredible mother-in-law worked on FIVE...yes FIVE...quilts throughout the year for each of her children for Christmas & they all turned out AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Can you inherit talent if you are not blood related???
Because I REALLY would love to learn to quilt!

I wanted to cry, such a thoughtful gift!
Here is a pic of us with ours...

Matt's little sister Aimee & Whitney & their quilts...

and I somehow missed getting pics of the other 2 quilts...
probably changing a diaper or something just as flattering:)

But they were all very different & all equally amazing!!

I think a homemade quilt is one of the best gifts you can receive! You KNOW a LOT of thought & time went into it AND it is super useful! That is why I am determined to make one someday!


Kendra said...

What beautiful quilts!

Jenn said...

I just bought some fabric to make my older two some quilts. This post got the bee in my bonnet!