Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homemade Gift Idea #10-Stockings

Matt's 2 single sisters had us for Christmas this year & since we did HOMEMADE GIFTS, I was wondering what they would come up with!?!

They MADE us stockings & they are INCREDIBLE!
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
I am amazed at the work that went into them & they honestly could not have given us a more perfect gift! We don't have stockings...except for 2 I bought for our 1st Christmas, but these are SO CUTE & each one is different & personalized with embroidered names.

I am SO impressed with their sewing skills!!!
When we have more kids, I might just have to pay them to make more:)

I LOVE the fabrics they chose...

THANK YOU SO MUCH Aimee & Whitney!!!

They also made me the CUTEST headbands that I need to get some pictures of & post!


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