Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My husband's cousin & I have became friends through the blogging world & it is so nice to be able to keep in touch...even though we live in different states:)

And I look up to her, not just because she has 4 BOYS & handles it with ease, but because she blogs about REAL LIFE with those boys. If someone make a huge mess, she is there to take a picture & blog about it. I would do the same.

She is also extremely CRAFTY, which I LOVE & often use her for inspiration:)

Well..I went to Vegas on a Girls Getaway this past weekend(oh, it was so nice!) & when I arrived home, there was a package waiting for me!

A girl loves mail, especially UNEXPECTED mail.

I opened the envelope to find this...

An Unexpected gift from cousin Jenn...a HANDPAINTED...not vinyl...sign for my home!
She is so talented

Thank You Jenn!!!

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Jenn said...

You make me laugh!! I handle four boys with ease? I scream at four boys with ease is more like it.

You're very sweet for posting this.