Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kid's Valentine Crafts

My cousin Kendra requested some craft ideas for 2-3 year olds...

Thought I would compile some fun ones for you!

Some I have yet to try, but thought looked cute & others I have used with my kids or for preschool...

This is a super simple one for ANY AGE...
trace around their hands & glue to the front of the card, bending middle fingers so that they are signing "I love you"-let them color the inside of the card & give to someone you LOVE!!!

We made these for Grandma's 2 years ago...I can't believe this picture is PARKER, I went to save it to put it on here & saved it as Ryler...until I realized it couldn't be Ryler if it was 2 years ago! They have the same look:)

Try out this cute handprint heart card found

This 3-D heart is adorable
Instructions Here

Try out this cute paper heart wreath
found HERE

Hope these help Kendra!!!

There are so many fun Valentine's Crafts out there for kids!!!

1 comment :

Kendra said...

Those are awesome! Thanks Staci. Only one problem though - the link for the wreath didn't work. I love the ideas though!!