Wednesday, January 27, 2010

House Projects/Before & After

Some Before & After Shots of the progress we have made in the last few months on our house!

BEFORE Front of the house:

AFTER front of the house:
We took out 2 planters, fixed the sprinkers, planted winter grass, & my brother Matt PAINTED the exterior(the biggest & most noticeable change yet!)

Come on in & take a before & after tour!

BEFORE front door/porch

AFTER Front door/porch:
We removed the metal planter fence, removed all the rock & old tree stump, layed brick pavers(from the back yard) & Matt bought a glider bench off Craigslist
Still left to do: Paint front door screen & front door white

BEFORE view when you enter the house:
AFTER view when you enter house:
Re-used decor from what we already had & painted the walls Sandcastle, scraped popcorn ceilings

BEFORE Wallpaper Wall:
AFTER No-More-Wallpaper-Wall:
we removed the wallpaper(thankfully the only wall with wallpaper, because it was a pain!) & painted this wall a darker shade of tan. We also painted the ugly gold chandelier white to save money on buying a new light fixture.
BEFORE view of Bay Window in Living Room:
AFTER view of Bay Window in Living Room:
Painted the door, all trim & baseboards WHITE & walls Sandcastle
Couches were are couches from previous house-bought when we 1st got married @ a garage sale! Replaced paper blinds with wood blinds & had curtains I made for the side windows from our last house that happen to fit PERFECTLY!

BEFORE view of Living Room:
AFTER view of Living Room:
Re-used everything I already had to decorate
Still left to do: hang white ceiling fan in Living Room
BEFORE view of back of front door/ugly planter/bookshelf:
AFTER view of back of front door/ugly planter/bookshelf:
Painted the walls, my brother Rob put up bead board around brick planter & turned it into an AMAZING entry table, my other brother Matt painted the bookshelf & front door white, re-used all decor we already had.

BEFORE shot as you enter Family Room/Kitchen:

After shot as you enter Family Room/Kitchen:
PAINTED, PAINTED, PAINTED...all the trim WHITE & the walls/panelling TAN, scraped the popcorn ceiling, changed out black light switches for white ones, replaced paper blinds with wood ones, took down curtains, replaced ugly brown ceiling fan with a white one, Rob & Julie gave us their old couch(yay for free stuff!) we had 4 black chairs for our kitchen table that have been sitting in their boxes since we bought the table 4 years ago, since we had no room for them. They work great as barstools at the counter! Re-used decor that we already had! Only things we bought for this room were WINDOW BLINDS & a Ceiling Fan!

Another BEFORE shot of Family Room:

Another AFTER shot of Family Room:
Matt's parents bought us the brown leather ottoman for Christams---it is a Wii Storage & I LOVEEE it! Painted the walls/wood paneling & I love how it turned out!

BEFORE shot of Family Room Wall:
AFTER shot of Family Room Wall:
all 3 of those pics were Wedding Gifts...from 3 separate people & they match perfectly!
Best part=FREE!

BEFORE shot of Kitchen:

AFTER shot of Kitchen:

Already had dishwasher, stove & microwave.
We moved our refrigerator from other house
Painted trim WHITE & walls GREEN
Unexpectedly replaced sink faucet/knobs after a messy leak.
Still to Do: Paint Cabinets, replace ceiling lighting, replace countertops(one day),
find a drawer for the bottom of our oven, as ours is missing...

BEFORE shot of eating nook:
AFTER shot of eating nook:

Took down chair railing, painted walls tan & baseboards white, used the table we have had for years(fits perfect!)
Still left to do:
Replace hideous ceiling fan with a chandelier of some sort,
Paint walls GREEN to patch the rest of the kitchen, paint cabinets & decorate!

BEFORE shot of Parker's Bedroom:

AFTER view of Parker's bedroom:

painted the walls & re-used everything from his old bedroom
BEFORE shot of Ryler's Bedroom:

AFTER shot of Ryler's bedroom:
Painted the walls blue...just a little more subtle:)
Painted the trim white
Re-used everything from Parker's old nursery but splurged & bought letters from JoAnn's for Ryler's name, since Parker's name was hanging above his crib for almost a year at our other house!
BEFORE shot of Playroom:
AFTER shot of Playroom:
Painted the BLUE trim WHITE, Painted the BLUE walls YELLOW, Replaced ugly lighting with 2 ceiling fans, Replaced UGLY old blue back door with new white one
Dry walled/stucco-ed/painted to cover what used to be a window that was actually just a board in a hole???
Took down doors to make a more open entrance, Removed BLUE carpet & replaced with new carpet

BEFORE shot of Playroom:

After shot of Playroom:

Painted, Took down window covers, Scraped Popcorn Ceilings
Still left to do:
Replace metal blinds with some sort of CUTE window treatments!

We are LOVING it,
even though we still have PLENTY to do!

You don't have to spend a ton to transform a house! We put the majority of our money into CARPET & PAINT & the rest we have done and will do...little by little. Paint has been the biggest & cheapest transformation for us! You will notice there are NO pictures of the bathrooms, the Master bedroom, the office or the backyard, as they haven't been touched & we still have things to do in almost every room, but we have come a long way on a tight budget!


Jenn said...

Amazing!! You guys are work horses!! I wish I had the kind of vision you have because I don't think I could have seen the beauty hidden in your house. You've got talent.

Frugal Home Design said...

Wow! What a lot of work. Everything looks great.

BirchModern said...

Wow - Looks awesome! The transformation of the brick bookshelf by your entryway to the white beadbord is amazing!

Staci @ Designing and Motherhood said...

I just found your site. Great remodel. Lots of work. My name is Staci and I am an interior designer. pop by my blog sometime.

somedaycrafts said...

Wow! you have been VERY busy! your house looks great! I think I should move in!

The Atomic Mom said...

You are hired to come and help my tired house.