Monday, February 22, 2010

99 Cents= 2 for me...1 for YOU!!!

Yesterday I ran to the Dollar Store to pick up some supplies for the preschool that I teach & I saw this little stack of Alphabet stickers...

Thought they were cute, so I grabbed One.

Today I decided I wanted to put that pack of stickers to use, so I went & dug out these two 11x14 frames, one for ABC's & one for 123's...
(my mother-in-law was getting rid of a bunch of frames a couple years ago & I took them all & they have come in handy for several different projects. Thanks Donna!)
Please excuse the dust...

I cut out the stickers & laid them out to see what look I wanted for the ABC's...

Then I ran outside & put a coat of RED spray paint on the frames.
While they were drying, I came back in & went to work.

I just stuck the stickers DIRECTLY on the cardboard insert that was already in the frames...
Easy Peasy!

Laid out the Alphabet letters sort of randomly, until I achieved a look I liked...

And now I have 2 NEW CUTE pieces of art in our playroom...

Total Project Cost for BOTH pieces of "Art" = .99 Cents

Can't beat that!!!

Oh wait! I actually got THREE pieces of Art for the .99cents!

I decided to go ahead & make the other ABC one that I had laid out & I don't need TWO!!!

Who wants it???

You may not have an "Alphabet Themed" playroom like I do, but I think it would go great in a little boy or girl's room and it would make a great gift for your child's teacher at the end of this school year!

I've never done a craft giveaway on here, but my favorite thing about making crafts
is giving them away
so why not?!

Leave a comment if you want it & I will randomly select a winner on February 28th...ending the month with my 1st giveaway! :)

Your chances are good, since there are only a select few that care to check up on what I have been craftifying lately...good luck!!


The Faveros said...

I love this idea!!! And love your blog!!!!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

So cute!! Love the way they turned out. Great job :)

Macey said...

I love your projects Staci, very very cute.

Lynette said...

Super cute! Love the look!

Amber said...

You know, that would look SO cute in MY preschool room! Way to go!

Kendra said...

So cute! How fun.

shaner82 said...

So cute...never would have thought of that!

brittney1 said...

always so creative. I love your blog

Ashley @ Ashley's Craft Corner said...

That is super cute! I just found your blog and I'm loving it!

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