Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saving Money

When I posted about putting Board & Batten up in our Kitchen, I mentioned that I was dying to get a new light fixture. I imagined a black chandelier type light fixture, hanging down over our table.
Well, along with almost everyone, we are in a tight budget in this economy. I had to save money elsewhere, just to pay for the $40 of wood to put up in the kitchen. Luckily, I already had the green & white paint!:)
A reader commented on that post, suggesting I just spray paint my ceiling fan white.
I decided to go for it, since it could be awhile before I found my steal of a deal on a chandelier!
(And I've done it before to save money on a light fixture)

Yesterday, my husband went to go and mow the backyard in our rental house. Can you call it a rental house if you don't have renters in it? Prob not...but that was the PLAN for the house when we moved. We just haven't struck any luck on that lately. Nevertheless, he went to mow the lawn.
I mentioned on his way out, "I think I'm just going to spray paint the blades white until we can afford a different light fixture"

That afternoon, my husband returned...with a pack of 4 new white blades for the ceiling fan & 4 new glass dome thingy's for around the light bulbs. He said he figured it was a lot cheaper than buying a new one.
(Yes, he is the best!)

Guess what? When he got up to switch out the glass thingy's(no idea what those are called?)
He realized he could just flip the blades upside down.
We get to return the white blades he bought(hooray!)
& we have "new" white blades...and we didn't even have to spray paint them(although that was a great suggestion!) We took off the wooden chain pulls that also dated it & our "new" fan was less than $10!

That SAME great guy, finished cutting in the green lastnight, while I finished the last coat of white on the bottom & we are officially DONE!

Next up...painting the kitchen cabinets WHITE!
(I'm hoping we have some primer & paint already, when I go check out in the shed)


Amber said...

Awesome about the blades! That was nice of them to already have the work done for you! It looks much beter!

Lynette said...

love it! super cute!