Monday, April 19, 2010

Doggie Door No More

When looking for houses, for months & months & months...we HOPED that we could find a house with a room that I would be able to teach preschool out of. Several homes had an addition that would work or an extra bedroom that we could use, but were lacking in several other things that we wanted. We had our list of "must haves" & we knew we still wanted a preschool room, but it wasn't looking like we were going to find one and it wasn't a "MUST HAVE".
So..when we first looked at this house & it had ALL of the things we wanted AND a room where I could hold preschool / a room where the boys could PLAY... we were thrilled, despite the fact that this room smelled & had BLUE carpet,BLUE walls, BLUE baseboards & a BLUE door. One of my favorite things about this room is the HIGH ceilings, it makes it feel really open.

BEFORE picture from MLS Listing...

AFTER Picture...

...which will actually look DIFFERENT before the upcoming Fall School year begins.

I have some new ideas I am working on for this wall & should look quite different soon!

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Kim said...

OK! I officially want/need you to come design my child care basement!!! please!!!!

The Parkers said...

I love these before and after pictures SERIOUSLY AMAZING!! I am so glad it is all working out and keep the pictures coming!

Liz said...

Well that made all the difference! Wonderful!


The Atomic Mom said...

Where did you get that back door for your preschool room? We're going to do replacement windows this summer, and then doors soon after. I like that door. It would be perfect for our back door and kitchen as well.