Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I add "-ify" to a lot of words, even when it doesn't belong. Which is actually how I came up with my blog name. I was creating something one day & my husband asked what I was doing, and I replied, 
"Oh...just craftifying".
SO...I have been wanted to GRASSIFY our backyard for months, but it didn't look like it was going to happen this year :(

Meet our backyard...

Pretty nice, huh!? :)
We have a patch of sand on the left side, mostly rocks, a bunch of weeds & if you squint, you might be able to see the HUGE patch of grass the previous owners put in. Yep, they even bothered to put cement curbing around it!

And really...the "grass" that was there, was looking more like weeds. 
It was a big enough patch of grass for our little playhouse, so I tried not to complain.

We decided to get a quote on it. 
Just for fun. 
We set a limit of what we could afford, knowing very well it would cost more than that. 
We agreed that if it wasn't in our budgeted amount, we would wait until next year and see if we could make it work then, when in reality we figured it would be a few more years. We really didn't want anything fancy, just a backyard full of GRASS...instead of just a little rectangle of weeds!

My husband called a friend, he came and looked at the backyard...he gave us an estimate. 
It was less than what we had budgeted for!

{heel click...heel click!}
The sprinklers went in days later...
and then the grass...

I can't wait to let the kids run in the sprinklers ALL SUMMER LONG!!!
Because that is what you do in ARIZONA!



The Faveros said...

Looking good- looks like a lot of work!!!

Amber said...

AWESOME! Don't be suprised when you find yourself just looking out your windows at the green! Love it! And yes, sprinklers all summer...fun!

Kendra said...

Looks great! How exciting!!

Melis said...

Wow!!! Fabulous, Stacki! Love it!!!

Kimie said...

You forgot to mention that summer (at least warm enough for sprinklers summer) starts the end of Feb and goes until November.

Love the grass!

Debbie said...

looks good, you'll have to give me his number. Bring on the sprinklers!!!