Monday, August 2, 2010

LA Fashion Distric

We escaped to the beach this past weekend with our friends, Bryan & Natalie...
without our kids!!!

This was the 1st trip we have taken without the kiddos, so I was nervous...but it was a much needed trip & we had a BLAST! And thankfully my kids were in great hands, so I could relax...and just lay on the beach & send seashell messages to my hubby...

After a day of relaxing on the beach, we headed to the LA Fashion District!

Have any of you been there??? 

I couldn't believe I never knew about it!


Shopping galore...and then more shopping...and more shopping...
and the best part? 

The great DEALS! You go back and forth with the shop owners on the price, trying to score a good deal & most of the time we did!
It was crazy FUN!

 I got LOADS of $1 per yard fabric...
We had the most amazing Hot Dogs for lunch from a street vendor.
Seriously, if you go...get a HOT DOG! I'm NOT a big hot dog fan, but these are AMAZING...
And when we got back to the hotel we pulled out ALL of the stuff we bought, spread it across our bed & took a picture! We started to add up the total COST, but as we kept adding to the total, the "amazing deals" we got didn't seem so we decided to stop calculating & enjoy the fact that each item was a good deal, even if we spent a little too much in the end;)

I'm excited to show you all of the good deals I got throughout the week & show you some close up shots of my new pile of fabric & tell you my plans for some of the fabrics...

But for now...I need to get our bags unpacked & do some loads of laundry (the hardest part about coming home from vacation)

If you have been to the LA Fashion District, please leave a comment telling me YOUR favorite part! I'm already trying to figure out who I can convince to go back with me & would love any advice on your favorite stores,ect!



Cassie said...

We are leaving Friday!!!
I am so excited to go!!!
$1 a yard!!!!!

kristi said...

What a steal of a deal!! Wee! :)

Scrap'N'Play said...

Don't you just love that place??? Hubby and I went last year when we went on a vacation by ourselves to LA. (we live in Edmonton, AB) I could have spent many more days and much more money there. We are heading back to LA next summer and I totally plan on spending a couple days there!!!

Sierra Studios said...

Oh my gosh, that looks amazing! How fun!