Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Loads of Fabric...WHAT should I make???

I posted earlier this week about scoring some deals on Fabric at the LA Fashion District this past weekend.
I have some ideas for SOME of the fabric, but others I just bought because I figured I could make something with it...but WHAT? 
Any ideas on what I could make...leave a comment, I'd love our opinions!

I bought this to make curtains for my kitchen windows...
I think I will love the stripes & I can finally take down the paper thin blinds.
Any suggestions on what style of curtains I should make??
Or of a great tutorial on HOW TO make great curtains??
I loved this black striped material, but don't know what I am going to do with it yet?
I got enough of this to make a skirt. It is see through, so I'm thinking a fun color needs to go underneath to peek through??

This creme fabric has kinda cool rectangles all over it. 
I LOVED it, but have no ideas of what to use it for?
This is a thin white fabric with subtle stripes. 
I think I want to make a shower curtain with it for my Master Bath??
Brown Lacy Fabric
No ideas for this yet??
 cute Pink material. 
I think I will make a baby girl blanket for my next friend/family member that has a girl!
 This would be fun to make hair flowers with.
Any other ideas?
Thought these 2 would make a cute skirt together...
Any ideas for these??
Loved this black fabric.
Kind of feels like netting. 
I could see this framed on the wall somewhere in my house withe some cute fabric flowers in the corner??
I honestly want your suggestions!
I also bought a bunch of solids that I didn't take close ups of.
I wish I went there with projects in mind & I could have bought specific amounts and colors, 
but I didn't & I just bought a lot of randomness.

What are your ideas on what I could make???



Ellen said...

Love the brown polka dot and the blue and brown flowers!! It would make a great skirt! Or a great purse! Or both!

T said...

the grey/yellow/blue print (and yellow solid) would make a spectacular skirt/scarf combination... you don't happen to have some solid grey for the main body of the skirt do you?

I love fabric - it's a family curse, we all belong to the "she who dies with the most fabric wins club"

Ryan and LeDawn said...

blue/grey/yellow floral - a pencil skirt!

The last black ruffly skirt as one of those cute elastic banded skirts for a little girl!

LOVE all the finds! I would LOVE to hit up the fashion district! I have never been!

Kendra said...

The last one would make a cute pillow. The black striped material would make a cute skirt with maybe a pink ruffle at the bottom. Or pink poking out underneath (maybe as a second layer to make it not see through). The brown polka dot and blue one that you have would make a cute reversible skirt. I'm excited to see what you come up with.

Melis said...


I remember you saying you liked the tie-up curtains I have in my breakfast nook & I found this tutorial:

My curtains are very similar, only there is no step 6. Instead, the ties are sewn on (starting about 16 inches from the top with excess tie hanging free from the fabric to allow different folding lengths) all the way over & behind the curtain (making the tie in the back that way). Also, in the post above, she just scrunched the material & tied-up the shade. My curtains are folded [accordion style] & then tied. I think it looks cleaner that way.

Anyhow, can't wait to see all your fun projects with your new fabrics!!!

So fun!!!!

SJ said...

I saw a pencil skirt recently made from that ruched black material in the last pic- and ruffles are v. in at the mo!
BTW i love youre idea for framing pics on canvas and hanging them with ribbon- really simple and clever!
I'd love if you checked out my blog at and let me know what you think of some of my ideas :) Thanks :)