Monday, December 13, 2010

Beautiful Redo

Do you need your own house to CRAFTIFY things?

No way! My little sister is 18 and lives at home, but saw this shelf at Goodwill and grabbed it for a couple of bucks & made it beautiful.

This is after she painted it BROWN, it was actually BLACK when she purchased it...

She had never mod podged before, but wasn't afraid to try & found some CUTE coordinating paper & then went to work!
I LOVE how it turned out!!!
She is SO TALENTED...and not a bit selfish...after she made it BEAUTIFUL, she donated it to our friend's benefit garage sale. 
I'm SURE it sold in a heartbeat!

Don't hesitate to buy something at Goodwill or a Garage Sale that is "ugly"...a little elbow grease & it will be craftif-ied in no time at all!


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Amy said...

I have such crafty sister in-laws! Very cute.