Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brinton Elementary

10 years ago an Elementary School was named after my Grandpa & this past week we had the opportunity to go to the 10 year anniversary & celebrate the success of the school and my Grandfather's life.
I made a clock to donate to the school from our family & they were very grateful.
I used my "Make the Cut" software on my cricut NEW UPDATE: This program is not compatible with Cricut anymore, unless you already have it:( I'm so sad!!!But can still be purchased to use with the Silhouette, Gazelle & more! Check out my sidebar for the purchase link! & just imported their school logo directly in to my computer & it was so easy to cut it from vinyl and apply to the clock! You can do this with nearly ANY image!

Want to make a clock for someone you love for Christmas?
Did you know they sell "Table Rounds" at Home Depot that double great as CLOCK ROUNDS!?
Have fun creating! I'd love to feature any clocks you make, here on my to Staci at !


Ashley said...

This might seem really random, but are you related to Jeff and Elizabeth Brinton?

Jeff and Elizabeth said...

Ashley it really is such a small world :)

The Atomic Mom said...

I think that is one of the 5 times my Dad has simled in a picture.