Saturday, May 21, 2011

Partial Bedroom Reveal

Back in October, I asked for your input on what you thought about a GREY & YELLOW Master Bedroom. I loved the idea, but struggled to find the right yellow & grey combo for ME. Over time, we started to incorporate BLUE & when I came across a CHEAP comforter last month that was Blue & Grey...I decided to stick with subtle blues & greys & maybe in time, we could incorporate yellow
or Not. Who knows???

The bedroom is NOT DONE.
I plan to buy or make some lamp shades with a fun blue fabric,
build a headboard
and find/make some more fun pillows,
but this is what it looks like today...
 Not bad when we already had the dresser,
were gifted the nightstands for FREE(thanks Julie!) & repainted them,
the lamps are from Ebay from years ago for $10,
I made the LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED signs for FREE,
got the MIRROR for free & painted it,
scored a brand new bed skirt for FREE from,
was gifted the Grey curtains for Christmas(thanks Chaya!)
& found a comforter that came with 5 pillows & sheets for $70 at Burlington Coat Factory.
I LOVE the beadboard & shelf my husband put up for my last birthday!

want to see what it looked like when we moved in??
Here is the BEFORE...
 You can't really tell...but the walls were PURPLE
&YEP! That is popcorn ceilings, brown trim & a sweet ceiling fan...

It may not be done, but I'm already LOVING it!!!:)


Kristin said...

It looks amazing, and very similar to what I'm doing in my master bedroom! Love the ledge on the wall.

Jan said...

I love your room. I guess great minds think alike! I saw the thumbnail picture (since I follow your blog) and thought at first glance it was my room. We even have our dressers in the same place....lookin good!

Come on over and take a look. I've hung more since this post.

Amy said...

It looks so cute! Can you come do mine next? I love seeing everything you have done to your house! You're so talented.

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Wow, I would love to have a master bedroom that looked so good!

Megan said...

Looking awesome so far! Love the nightstands!

Jenerally Speaking said...

It looks really great!! My favorite is the bead board!! :)

Ryan and LeDawn said...

Love it!!! Purple? Really? Ew!

Holly Noel said...

amazing staci.
you and your fam can turn anything into amazingness.

{love, mj.} said...

your bedroom is SO STINKIN CUTE. seriously. wanna come over and decorate my bedroom??? :)

Chriss said...

Great job! I love the calming feeling. A bright yellow would ruin that for me!

Meghan said...

your bedroom is beautiful!!