Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Vintage Lemon

Every now and then I sneak a peek at this blog, because Marci is always doing CUTE CRAFTY things with her house or for her darling baby!

I was excited to stop by today & find out that she just opened an ETSY SHOP 
called the Vintage Lemon...
and it is ADORABLE!
 Check out this gorgeous RING!
AND she is doing a promotion right now & you can get it for $4.50! That is a STEAL!!!
Check out her blog for details!
Go check out her ETSY shop today!!!

The Vintage Lemon

1 comment :

{love, mj.} said...

AHHH! i can't believe you featured me on your blog!!!! um, you totally rock, and i LOVE your blog and all your craftyness. oh, email me at
for your coupon code for 25% off!