Tuesday, September 22, 2009

50's Party

My extended family had a 50's Dance Party lastnight & we didn't have anything truly "50's" to wear, so I cut out a simple guitar & record shape (using some fabric from an old dress I owned) & hand stitched them on to my boys white t-shirts(loose stitches that can easily be removed if I want) & I pulled out a sweater & tied a scarf around my neck & my hubby rolled up his jeans & we were off! All dressed up without spending a dime!
We had such a FUN NIGHT!!!

My boys don't look to happy in this family photo, but I promise they had fun dancing the night away !!! :)


The Standrings said...

what a fun partay!
question- have you ever seen modge-podged pumpkins? just wondering if you could maybe do a post on those and maybe a little tutorial. :) basically, i want to modge podge some cute paper on to my pumpkins this fall but i am not crafty and so maybe you could help??? you are awesome!

kristi*jansen said...

that is SO adorable! i may borrow your idea for Halloween :)