Monday, September 28, 2009

Workbox Giveaway!

I just saw this giveaway on Make it & Love it & I want it SOOO bad!
It would be PERFECT for the house we are moving into this week & I am drooling over how organized I could be. It is the PERFECT solution for Scrapbook Storage! Check out the Original Scrapbox for other amazing items they offer!

I also LOVE the Minibox in Vanilla beadboard shown below!

If you don't win...they are still offering $100 off right now when you enter the code 100Writes if you see something else you would like!
I'd wish you luck...but I don't want you to win, because I want to win!!! ;)

1 comment :

Priscilla said...

Please follow my blog. Very nice post. Thank you for entering and GOOD LUCK :)